Garbage Bins Are for Containing People Too

Written by Adam Liebman Four garbage bins for four categories of waste: wet, hazardous, recyclable, and dry. In 2019, news stories about Shanghai residents being forced to sort and deposit their household waste according to these categories rippled through the international… more
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China in an Era of Ecological Finitude

Written by Ross Anthony For the past two centuries, a crucial tenant of western proselytising has been liberty by way of free markets – by force, if need be. Given today, most of the world operates according to principles of… more
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Revisiting the Maoist ‘Smart Village’

Written by Jessica Imbach The phenomenal rise of Chinese science fiction since the 1990s coincides not only with China’s transformation into the world’s second largest economy, but also growing global awareness of the environmental crisis. Several contemporary works, including the… more
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Issue 9: Environments and Ecologies

Written by Editor Our ninth issue explores a variety of themes, topics and visions in the study of the environment and ecologies. We asked contributors to reflect on the various ways in which environment and ecologies are/have been understood, inhabited,… more
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