Freud and China

Written by Craig Clunas I am probably not the only student of Chinese language and culture to have got used over the years to facing the question, ‘So what first got you interested in China?’ This question was all the… more
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“Cultural China 2020″—A Different Take on China

Written by Séagh Kehoe and Gerda Wielander On 29th November 2021, the University of Westminster Press published our new book, Cultural China 2020: The Contemporary China Centre Review. Cultural China is a unique annual publication for up-to-date, informed, and accessible commentary about Chinese and Sinophone… more
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The Cinematic Cult of Mao

Written by Jie Li In what ways did cinema contribute to Mao’s personality cult? In their professional magazine Film Projection (Dianying fangying 電影放映), mobile projectionists often mention Mao’s appearance in newsreels as the greatest attraction for grassroots audiences. As a… more
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Chinese Childhoods, Then and Now

Written by Carl Kubler Childhood in China is undergoing a revolution. On May 31, 2021, just a few years after ending the decades-old one-child policy (yihai zhengce 一孩政策) that had defined much of urban family planning from the 1980s until… more
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