What is Panopto for Students?

Panopto is the system used by the University of Westminster for live lecture capture and creating pre-recorded course material.

All Panopto recordings incorporate AI Closed Captioning (CC). Captions can be turned on by clicking the CC button at the bottom.

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How to access Panopto recording for my courses?

Method 1: Via the Panotpo Recordings Folder 

Log-in to Blackboard with your university username, w followed by 7 digits and your password at

login to blackboard

Once you log-in you will see the Activity Stream.  Go to the left side bar and select My Modules & Courses

Modules and courses

In My Modules & Courses select the module of the Panopto Recording you want to access.
This will take you to the Module Content.

image showing select_course_pnpto_10_20

In the Module Content page look under Content for the Panopto Recordings folder.

panopto recordings

Method 2: Via Books & Tools

If there is no Panopto Recordings folder under Contents.  On the right menu under Details & Actions select View course & institution tools.

view course and institution tools

When you select View course & institution tools a menu will open on the right.  Select Panopto Folder.

Panopto folders

Selecting Panopto Recordings or Panopto Folder will launch the LTI Link.  This will take you to the Panopto Recordings available for your module.

Launch LTI Link

Your module Panopto Recordings will appear in list form. Select the Panopto Recording you want to view.

view panopto recordings

Panopto Recordings will open in a new tab.

Method 3: Direct From Panopto Website

You can also access your course Panopto Recordings by logging-in with your university username, w followed by 7 digits and password.

Panopto login page

When you log-in you will be taken to your Panopto Recordings page.   Here you will see all the Panopto Recordings which are shared with you.  To search for a Panopto Recording select Browse.

browse panopto recording

Selecting Browse will open a search box.  Browse All Folders and type in the course code or partial name in the search field.

course search

Selecting a course will take you to the Panopto recordings currently available for that course.

Panopyo recordings of selected course

The Module Panopto Recordings will appear in a list.  Select the icon or tile to view the Panopto Recording you want to view. 

The Panopto Recording will open in a new tab.

Panopto playing in new window

More panopto Help 


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