You can use tablets for marking student submissions for both systems supported by the University for online submission of work.

If you created a Turnitin assignment, you can use the iOS app to mark them. There is no Android app available.

Feedback Studio for iOS offers QuickMark comments, voice comments, and interactive rubric grading. It is also available offline, meaning you can grade papers without needing an internet connection and sync them with the Turnitin server as soon as you find a connection.

If you created a Blackboard Assignment, you can the Blackboard Instructor app to mark it. There is an iOS and an Android version of the app. The Blackboard Instructor app helps you easily identify courses where you need to grade student submissions. Instructors and graders can review, annotate, and grade submissions and quickly publish the grades back to students on iOS and Android devices.

Please keep in mind that you can use these grading features in the app:

  • Grading for assignments

  • Points, text, percentage, and letter grades

  • Grading with associated rubrics

These grading features are not available in the app at this time:

  • Grading tests

  • Grading group submissions

  • Grading discussions, blogs, wikis, and journals

  • Anonymous and delegated grading

  • Audio and video feedback

  • Offline grading

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Download the apps

Using Feedback Studio for iOS


You don’t need to log in to the app, but you need to add your Blackboard module to the app, to mark it on an iOS device:

Marking and feedback

Note: Check your ‘Feedback Release Date’ and the Gradebook to make sure marks and feedback are returned to students when you intend them to be, and not before.

Using the Blackboard Instructor app


After downloading the app, you’ll need to search for search for “University of Westminster under “Type your school name” and then you can log in with your Blackboard username and password. Full guidance here.

Marking and feedback

Full guidance here. 

Note: Check your post date (Turnitin), marking completion criteria and the Full Grade Centre columns to make sure marks and feedback are returned to students when you intend them to be, and not before. 

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