Issue 1: Fashion, Beauty and Nation

By Editor Fashion and beauty may sometimes seem a trivial matter, but they are matters that sit right at the heart of contemporary culture and are often deeply political. Sartorial and cosmetic ‘choices’ are much more than simply questions of… more
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The Loneliest Generation

Written by Cassie Lin In October, 2015, China announced the decision of ending the decades-long “One-Child Policy”. The policy was introduced in 1979, and stayed in the centre of international discussion for many years. With the abolition of the “One-Child Policy”, those Chinese children born in… more
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Disappearing Artists

Written by Cassie Lin I came across a lot of names when cataloguing the poster collection, names of the artists, printed at the bottom of each poster, some appear more often than the others. So I began to wonder – who… more
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The White-Haired Girl

Written by Cassie Lin In the Arts and Entertainment section of our collection, I constantly came across these posters of “The White-Haired Girl”, a tale goes way back in China. The story is originated from legends circulating in the border region… more
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