The information below will guide you first on how to create a Portfolio, then how you could share your Portfolio’s link with others, and finally how to submit your portfolio link (the one you have already created) via the assignment link provided by your tutor.

How to Create Portfolio?

  1. Select Tools

  2. Select Portfolios This is your area where you would go to find your portfolios

  3. Select Create Portfolios

  4. Add a Title

  5. Click on Select Portfolio Template This is only required if you have been instructed to use a Template.

  6. Click on Submit A portfolio has now been created for you.

You will then be offered the opportunity to Take the Tour
We advise you to take time and go through all the steps.
There is also a guide about Artifacts on Blackboard help

Create Portfolio
Create new Portfolio
create portolio

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How to share Portfolio Link with others?

  1. Select the Portfolio you want to share and click on More

  2. On the small window that appears, select Share



  1. Click on the down arrow next to Share a Snapshot with

  2. Select External Users


  1. Enter the Email of the individuals you wish to share the Portfolio with

  1. Click on Submit

  1. You will then see an area where you can paste the URL link address of the Portfolio you wish to share once you have copied that link.

My Portfolio
share a snapshot
Share with external users
paste a URL

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How to Submit your Portfolio link as an Assignment?

8. To add the URL link you have copied above to your assignment page, you will need to go to your module page and select your Assignment.

9. Click on View Assignment, from the window that appears on the right


10. Click on Add Content



11. Paste the URL link (from where you have copied on step 7) on the box provided.

12. Finally, click on Submit as below.

link to assignment
add content
link to Assignment

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