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A suite of dedicated career workshops has been designed for doctoral researchers, as set out below.



27th October 2022
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This first session will welcome participants to this five-part series of career development workshops for doctoral researchers. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate online from October- March with fellow doctoral researchers through large and small group exercises.

Using exercises involving video case studies from popular culture and career development theory, participants will leave this session with a clearer sense of their career so far and the factors influencing this.



14th November 2022
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How would you describe your current career identity? A tricky question for some to put into words. This session invites participants to focus on their current career identity through imagery. It allows participants to use visual resources and mood boards to articulate their current career identity in a creative way.



23rd February 2023
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It’s never too early to start networking! This session invites participants to reflect on their current professional network and plan how to maximise this. It also provides an opportunity to generate new ideas for growing networking opportunities.


15th March 2023
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The internet contains copious amounts of information about the labour market, but how do we decipher the fact from the fiction? This session invites participants to evaluate sources of labour market intelligence research and learn how this can contribute to career planning.


27th March 2023
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Making the right career decision is a dilemma that many of us grapple with. This session will outline doctoral research career paths and introduce a decision-making activity to explore participants’ potential career options through an imaginative exercise. 

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