This series consists of two workshops and is primarily aimed at new students from all disciplines who have recently enrolled. New students should book for both workshops – Your Research at Westminster and The Ethical Researcher.

The first workshop is in two parts: The First 90 Days of Your PhD and, Tools, Hints and Tips. The first part will start to get you thinking about the kind of researcher you are. Are you goal oriented? What form of learning best suits you? How do you relate others involved in your research? This part of the first workshop will help you begin to answer these questions and will suggest active and productive strategies to make sure that your style as a researcher works for you.

The second part, Tools, Hints and Tips will cover activities which frame your research, but are crucial to its success, such as time management, academic writing and reading skills and networking.

Part 1: The first 90 days of your PhD – 30th September 2020
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Part 2: Hints, Tools and Tips – 2nd October 2020
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Semester One – 1st October 2020
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Semester Two – 28th January 2021
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All research involves important but sometimes complex engagements with other people – colleagues, supervisors, participants, interviewees, and so on. Primarily for new students and second in a two-workshop series (following You Research at Westminster), The Ethical Researcher covers all the ways in which research demands ethical and responsible behaviours. It covers the university’s ethical approval processes, question of intellectual property, responsibility toward research participants and the secure handling of data. Discussion focuses on a series of scenarios and case studies and is always lively!


Beginning your research will involve different questions and activities depending on the nature of your work and the disciplinary area or areas you are working within. The two-day workshops below will cover questions of research skills and methods, time planning, ethics and communication strategies. If your work is interdisciplinary, it may be useful to attend more than one workshop.

This workshop is open to all but is primarily directed as new doctoral students.

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4th May 2021
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This workshop is for students from all disciplines and will be particularly useful for those near the beginning of their research. However brilliant our ideas may be, to be really successful we need to communicate them in a way that is accessible and engaging for a range of audiences. The workshop will help you to develop the ability to organise and structure your work so that it can be communicated effectively to academic and lay audiences, to specialists and non-specialists.


You progress through your degree will be assessed each year (or every other year if you are part time) through the Annual Progress Review. Preparing for this can be daunting, so each workshop below is designed to take the mystery out of the process. Each workshop will explain how the APRs work in specific disciplinary areas and give you the information you need to approach your next APR with confidence.

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Getting towards the end of your doctorate is an exciting time, but it can also be daunting. This workshop will give you all the information you need in order to stay calm. It focuses on two aspects of completion: the writing process and the submission process. The writing process will cover aspects of thesis format, style and contents, including the relationship between research and writing. The submission process will cover such aspects as responsibilities; timely completion; the timetable to completion; support for submission; the administrative processes; and application for thesis examination arrangements.

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7th October 2020
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10th February 2021
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This session helps you to prepare for the culmination of your doctoral studies – the viva voce exam. You will learn about the process in the months leading up to the viva, from the appointment of your examiners to how to submit your thesis. We discuss how you can prepare for the exam itself and what to expect on the day, including practical advice on what and what not to do. We also talk about possible outcomes and what happens next.

Full-time study mode: you may choose to attend Getting Ready for the Viva in your third year of study, too.

Part-time study mode: you are registered for a minimum of 45 and a maximum of 96 months. You may therefore attend this briefing in your fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth year depending on your progress.

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