People walking in London Welcome to the Active Travel Academy at the University of Westminster. Set up in September 2019, the ATA brings together a broad spectrum of expertise to lead research, teaching and knowledge exchange, with a focus on walking and cycling, use of other ‘micromobilities’ from e-scooters to electric hand cycles; and reduction in car use. The Academy believes all disciplines and expertise are needed to address the acute global problems that car dominated transport systems have created. Funded by a substantial investment of over £582,000 over three years by the Quintin Hogg Trust, the academy brings together practitioners, academics, students and others with an interest or expertise in active travel. The ATA contributes to addressing issues around air pollution, climate breakdown, an inactivity epidemic, road injuries and deaths, unequal access to transport and the loss of independent mobility in childhood and at older ages. We have projects supported by funders including Cross River Partnership, Department for Transport, the KR Foundation, Transport for London, & the Road Safety Trust.

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Today is Day 5 of the #ATAWebinarWeek. Today’s theme is ‘Active Travel and Road Safety: Data and Discourses', with sessions on the Road Collision Reporting Guidelines, Cycling Safety in Bogotá, & reporting of Active Travel. And more key reading :)

Today is Day 4 of the #ATAWebinarWeek. The theme is 'Building permanent change from temporary adaptations', with sessions on prioritising new infrastructure, accelerating modal shift, and transforming our streets. Plus tools for policy and advocacy.

Day 3 of the #ATAWebinarWeek, and the theme is Active Travel Equity. Showcasing the #ActiveTravelJustice projects of our Equity Fellows @tiffany_frances, @AkwesiOsei2, @ashleyoc_, and @DulcePedroso1. Plus key perspectives on widening cycling participation.

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