Today’s theme is ‘Active Travel Equity’, and includes contributions from the Active Travel Academy Equity Fellows who introduce their projects below.

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Presentations – ATA Equity Fellow Projects

ATA Equity Fellow Project Overview – ‘Delivery cyclists: Towards decent work, safer streets & democratic ownership.’ – Tiffany Lam


ATA Equity Fellow Project Overview – Barriers to cycling among black men in London – Akwesi Osei


ATA Equity Fellow Project Overview – Exploring experiences of people of marginalised genders accessing and shaping urban public space to roller skateAshley O’Callaghan


ATA Equity Fellow Project Overview – Still I Ride: How Women of Colour are taking control of their narratives & creating counter-discourses in cyclingDulce Pedroso

Presentations – Cycling@Tea-time

Cycling@Tea-Time – Enabling wider participation in cycling – Janet Hudson, Mariam Draaijer 


Cycling for EveryoneLaura Laker

Accessible CyclingRachel Aldred and Harrie Larrington-Spencer

Further reading & resources

Websites and Organisations

Biking Public Project – “Aims to expand advocacy for underrepresented NYC bicyclists including women, people of color & working cyclists”

Black Unity Bike Ride – “A series of activations that encourages holistic wellness amongst the Black community.”

JoyRiders –  “Empowering women by introducing them to the joys of cycling.”

Transport for All – “A pan-impairment organisation, guided by the passionate belief that all disabled and older people have the right to travel with freedom and independence.”

Women of Colour Cycling Collective – “We are a support network for minority ethnic women and non-binary cyclists in the UK”

Academic and Grey Literature

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