Today’s theme is ‘Active Travel Policies and Perceptions’.

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Mind the gap: exploring the growing gulf between high quality evidence in support of active travel and the paucity of implementation by local authorities – John Whitelegg


Understanding why the adoption of sustainable mobility practices is different between urban areas – Miguel Loyola, John Nelson, David Levinson, Geoffrey Clifton


A reality check on active travel. Assessing the difference between sustainable mobility policy and practice in MaltaMaria Attard, Suzanne Maas, Carlos Cañas


Deconstructing accessibility – discursive barriers for increased cycling in Sweden – Janet van der Meulen, Dalia Mukhtar-Landgren


Reframing CyclingM. Cristina Caimotto


The Active Travel Media Awards celebrate excellent media coverage of cycling and walking. But what makes such coverage excellent, and why is it important?  This showcase collects together a selection of key ideas and views from shortlistees and others related to the 2020 awards. Links to the nominated articles referred to are available below the showcase.

Nominations for the 2021 awards will open in September 2021.

Active Travel in the Media (video showcase)

Individual videos, along with the related articles that were shortlisted for the 2020 awards:

Further reading & resources

Websites and Organisations

FareCity – “A think tank and social enterprise dedicated to the co-creation of fairer cities.”

Mobile Lives Forum – “A mobility research institute that is preparing the transition to more desirable and sustainable lifestyles.”

Possible (Travel area) – “At Possible, we want to see a zero carbon society, built by and for the people of the UK, and we want to see this fast.”

Shropshire Climate Action (Transport Theme) – “The many ways that people can retain the independence of easy transport in ways that are regenerative and keep us within the necessarily tight carbon budgets that will keep us safe.”

Academic and Grey Literature

Aldred, R. (2012) Governing transport from welfare state to hollow state: The case of cycling in the UK, Journal of Transport Policy 23(2) pp. 95-102, Also available Open Access from

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