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Project Overview

The past two decades have witnessed an upsurge in the building of museums on Chinese diaspora both in the PRC and among the diasporic Chinese communities. Museums in different places often adopt different approaches to represent diasporic Chinese communities and histories. So far, there has been little interaction, let alone cooperation, between museums on Chinese diaspora set up in China and in diasporic Chinese communities; museums established by the diasporic Chinese have also developed largely in isolation.

The aim of this research project is to develop a global network of diasporic Chinese museums as a platform that initiates and stimulates intellectual dialogues and professional collaborations between museums in this field across geographic and national boundaries. It brings together museum curators, scholars, policy makers, and other stakeholders in this emerging cultural sphere to exchange experiences and share insights into collecting, curating and exhibition practice and public engagement, and to generate impact on public policymaking and interdisciplinary research of migration and museum in the Chinese context and beyond.

The project is led by Dr. Cangbai Wang (University of Westminster) and Dr. Yow Cheun Hoe (Nanyang Technological University) together with Dr. Huimei Zhang (Nanyang Technological University). The project network includes UK and international participants of diverse backgrounds, many of whom work in the field of diasporic Chinese museum and heritage industry.

The project is funded by the Art and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).


在过去的二十年里,中国和海外华人社区都见证了以华侨华人为主题的博物馆建设热潮。不同地方的博物馆往往采用不同的方式来表现散居的华人社区和历史。 到目前为止,在中国设立的华侨华人博物馆与散居华人社区所建立的博物馆之间鲜有互动和合作;世界各地的华侨华人所建立的博物馆也基本上是孤立地发展起来的。


该研究由王苍柏博士(英国威斯敏斯特大学)、游俊豪博士(新加坡南洋理工大学)和张慧梅博士 (新加坡南洋理工大学)领导,参加者包括来自世界各地具有不同背景的华侨华人博物馆和文化遗产领域的专家学者。

该项目获得英国艺术和人文研究委员会 (AHRC) 的资助。