Public Talk 2, 18 September 2023

Tracing the History of Chinese Diasporas and Narrating Stories of Cultural Exchange — Explorations and Practices at the Overseas Chinese History Museum of China


Date: Monday 18 September 2023

Time: 12:00 pm to 13:30 pm (BST)

Venue: Online

 Zoom ID: 836 2335 3555

Password: 12345

Meeting link:

The talk will be given in Chinese. Simultaneous translation into English is provided.

Chair: Dr. Cangbai Wang, University of Westminster

Speaker: Mr. Ning Yi, Deputy Director, Overseas Chinese History Museum of China

The Overseas Chinese History Museum of China is a national museum specialising in the history and culture of Chinese diasporas. It has been established and open to the public for nearly 10 years. As a specialized public museum, facing new requirements for museums, the Museum has undertaken a series of explorations and practices in areas such as the collection, research, exhibition, education, digitization, and cultural and creative product development related to diasporic Chinese artifacts. Simultaneously, it has actively promoted exchange and cooperation among domestic museums on Chinese overseas, achieving certain successes but also encountering challenges. Moving forward, it will continue to take measures to establish closer cooperative relationships with museums on Chinese diasporas both domestically and internationally, collectively promoting high-quality development of museums in this field.

About the speaker:

Ning Yi graduated with a master’s degree in law from the School of International Studies of Peking University. He is currently board member of The Overseas Chinese History Society of China, with a long-term involvement in works related to overseas Chinese affairs. He presided over a research project on Chinese ethnic minorities residing overseas, and co-authored Research of Social Ties and the Development of Overseas Chinese Associations. He has played a leading role in planning and curating exhibitions such as “The China Daily News Exhibition,” “Overseas Chinese and the Winter Olympic Games Exhibition,” “A Decade of Innovation Among New Immigrants Exhibition,” “Ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia and Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Exhibition,” and “The Development History of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Exhibition”.

This is the second talk of a public talk series on diasporic Chinese museums organised as part a project titled ‘Global Diasporic Chinese Museums Network Initiative’ funded by AHRC. It led by Dr. Cangbai Wang (University of Westminster) and Dr. Yow Cheun Hoe (Nanyang Technological University) together with Dr. Huimei Zhang (Nanyang Technological University).

The event is jointly organised by HOMELandS (Hub On Migration, Exile, Languages and Spaces) at University of Westminster and the Chinese Heritage Centre of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

More information about the research project is available on the project’s blog page: