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‘Global Diasporic Chinese Museums Network Initiative’ launched

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the ‘Global Diasporic Chinese Museums Network Initiative’ (全球华侨华人博物馆协作项目), an AHRC-funded research project that aims to create a global network of diasporic Chinese museums, fostering intellectual dialogues and collaborations that transcend geographical and national boundaries.

This project builds upon Dr Cangbai Wang’s research into Museum Representations of the Chinese Diasporas in the PRC, which is the first book to analyse how the histories of Chinese diasporas are represented in the museum space of China and preserved as the cultural heritage of the homeland. Now, with the ‘Global Diasporic Chinese Museums Network Initiative’, specialists in the history and cultural heritage of Chinese diasporas from the UK and Singapore join force to expand the scope of research into museum representations of Chinese diasporas around the world.

For academics, museum professionals, and the general public, the project serves as a virtual hub where curators, scholars, policymakers, and passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to exchange experiences, insights, and stories about diasporic Chinese cultures and heritage practices. This is precisely what the network aims to achieve. Through an engaging line-up of activities, including online public talks, immersive thematic workshops held in vibrant cities like Singapore and London, and a virtual international symposium to conclude the project, this endeavour seeks to foster collaboration and ignite intellectual conversations like never before.

One of the most exciting aspects of this initiative is creating an open-access website, offering a treasure trove of knowledge, interactive exhibits, and a joint online exhibition showcasing the diverse Chinese diasporic experiences, challenges and opportunities. By providing insights into migration, cultural preservation, and intercultural exchange, this project has the potential to shape public policy, challenge preconceptions, and foster a deeper and more critical understanding of the rich tapestry of diasporic Chinese heritage and beyond.

We invite you to join us as we embark on this exciting journey. Whether you’re an academic seeking collaborative opportunity, a museum professional looking to expand your knowledge, or simply a curious individual eager to explore the vast world of diasporic cultures, this project offers numerous ways of getting involved.


我们高兴地宣布,“全球华侨华人博物馆协作项目” 于2023年6月1日正式启动。该项目由英国艺术和人文研究委员会(AHRC)资助,旨在创建一个全球华侨华人博物馆网络,促进跨越地理和国家边界的知识对话和交流合作。