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Activities 主要活动

The objectives of this project will be achieved through a set of activities. These include :

  1. An online public talk series on the global development of diasporic Chinese museums. It will consist of 10 to 12 talks, each given by the curator/director of one participating museum and is open to the public.
  2. Two on-site thematic workshops to have in-depth discussion of key issues emerging from the public talk series, held in Singapore and London respectively.
  3. A virtual international symposium to conclude the project. It will bring together academics, museum practitioners, policy makers and members of diasporic Chinese communities from around the world to discuss innovations incollaborative collecting, curating, exhibition, public engagement and the project’s impacts on cultural policies interdisciplinary research of migration, museum and heritage.
  4. An open-access website to communicate events and report on the output created on the basis of the above activities. It will also host a joint online exhibition by participating museums comparing the Chinese diasporic experiences around the world.


该项目的目标将通过一系列活动来实现。 这些包括 :

  1. 关于华侨华人博物馆全球发展的在线公开讲座系列。 它将包括 10 到 12 场演讲,每场演讲都由一个参与博物馆的馆长/策展人主讲,并以双语 (中英文)向公众开放。
  2. 两个现场专题研讨会,分别在新加坡和伦敦举行,深入讨论公开讲座系列中所涉及的核心问题和共同兴趣。
  3. 一个线上国际研讨会,汇集来自世界各地的学者、博物馆从业者、政策制定者和华人社区成员,讨论合作收藏、策展、展览、公众参与方面的创新,以及该项目对移民、博物馆和遗产跨学科研究的文化政策的影响。
  4. 一个开放访问网站,作为更新项目活动和报道研究成果的平台。 它还计划举办一个由各博物馆共同参与的联合在线展览,比较世界各地离散华人不同的移民经历和身份认同。