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Objectives 目的

The main objectives steering this research project are:

  1. To establish, facilitate, and strengthen worldwide connections between museums which feature artefacts and exhibitions pertaining to the Chinese diaspora.
  2. To exchange experiences and ideas of how museums engage in collecting, curating, preservation, public engagement and education, for a better understanding and promotion of diasporic Chinese histories and to facilitate the development of diasporic Chinese communities in the host countries and their cultural exchange with China.
  3. To enhance cooperation between museums for exhibitions, forums and other formats of events.
  4. To promote collaboration between museum scholars, museum practitioners and policymakers toward the development of a ‘diasporic Chinese museology’, contributing to the interdisciplinary research of migration and museums in the Chinese context and beyond.



  1. 建立、促进和加强以展示华侨华人历史和文物为特色的博物馆之间的全球联系。
  2. 交流博物馆在收藏、策展、保存、公众参与和教育等方面的经验和想法,更好地了解和推广华侨华人历史,促进离散华人社区的发展和与中国的文化交流。
  3. 加强博物馆间以展览和论坛和其他不同形式进行合作。
  4. 促进博物馆学者、博物馆从业者和政策制定者之间的合作,发展“离散华人博物馆学”,为关于移民和博物馆的跨学科研究做出贡献。