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East Asia 东亚

Hakka Museum of China 


Located in Meizhou, Guangdong, this museum is the only museum offering an ethnic overview of China and its culture. It solely focuses on the study of inheritance in Hakka culture. The museum is divided into different buildings representing various time periods of the Hakka. 

该博物馆位于广东省梅州市。 它专注于研究和展示客家文化及其传承。 博物馆有不同的建筑,分别代表不同时期的客家文化和历史发展。


The Memorial Hall of Overseas Chinese in Russia


The Memorial Hall of Overseas Chinese in Russia is located in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province. It was established in 2007. It is an important place to display the patriotic spirit of overseas Chinese in Russia and students in the Soviet Union and Russia. It is a national second-level museum.

旅俄华侨纪念馆位于黑龙江省黑河市,于 2007 年建立,是展示旅俄华侨和留苏俄学生奋斗报国爱国主义精神的重要园地,国家二级博物馆。

Jiangmen Wuyi Museum of Overseas Chinese is a museum specifically dedicated to introducing and understanding Overseas Chinese through the problems they have tackled and their historical standing throughout the decades. It is located in Jiangmen, China and showcases a remarkable collection of 35,000 artefacts

江门市五邑华侨博物馆是一家专门介绍和了解华侨华人历经几十年所遇到的问题和历史地位的博物馆。 它位于中国江门,展示了 35,000 件非凡的文物收藏

Kobe Overseas Chinese History Museum

Teaching about historical heritage and culture values, Kobe Overseas Chinese History Museum provides a display of daily materials related to the business and life run of Chinese in Kobe, highlighting the interaction between the Chinese and Japanese societies. 

神户华侨历史博物馆以历史传承和文化价值弘扬为己任,展示与神户华人经商和日常生活息息相关的文物和资料, 强调中国和日本社会之间的交流和互动。 

The Overseas Chinese History Museum of China is a national-level museum that comprehensively displays the history as well as the current situation of Chinese Overseas Immigrants. It is located in Beijing, China and serves multiple purposes in order to preserve the culture of diasporic Chinese.

中国华侨历史博物馆位于中国北京,是一座综合展示华侨华人历史和现状的国家级博物馆。 该管具有多种用途,其主要目的是展示和保护世界各地华侨华人的历史和文化。

Based in Xiamen, China, the Overseas Chinese Museum is not only a comprehensive and systematic museum to collect, study and display the history and achievements of overseas Chinese but also a comprehensive museum with ancient cultural relics and natural specimen exhibitions. was initiated by Mr. Chen Jiageng and opened in 1959.



Founded in 1996, the Quanzhou Overseas Chinese History Museum interprets the overseas Chinese spirit. It is the first Overseas Chinese Museum in the China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese consists of rich historical materials and real objects that speak volumes regarding the esteemed lives of Overseas Chinese. It is located in the Fengze District of Quanzhou, Fujian, China.

泉州华侨历史博物馆位于福建省泉州市,创建于1996年。 它是中国侨联首家华侨博物馆,馆藏丰富的史料和实物,以讲述闽南籍华侨华人的文化和历史为主。