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North America 北美

The Chinese Canadian Museum Society of British Columbia was founded in March 2020 as an independent, non-profit society to establish and operate a public museum in British Columbia honouring Chinese Canadian history, contributions, and living heritage. The Chinese Canadian Museum will be a testament to Chinese Canadian experiences, foster respect, inclusion, and collaboration among all communities and across generations. 

位于不列颠哥伦比亚省的加拿大华人博物馆协会成立于 2020年3月,是一个独立的非营利性协会,旨在于不列颠哥伦比亚省建立和运营一座公共博物馆,以纪念加拿大华人的历史、贡献和活遗产。 华裔加拿大人博物馆将成为华裔加拿大人经历的证明,促进所有社区和各代人之间的尊重、包容和合作。

One of the largest Chinese historical and archival documentation centers in America exists in San Francisco, California. Outlining and elaborating upon the fights Asians especially Chinese Americans have fought against racism, inequality and exclusion in American society has been thoroughly documented with exhibits providing a learning curve for all those seeking to progress.

美国华人历史学会位于加利福尼亚旧金山市,是美国最大的中国历史和档案文献中心之一。 它详细记录和展示了亚洲人,尤其是华裔美国人,与美国社会中的种族主义、不平等和排斥作斗争的经历,并为所有寻求进步的人士提供了宝贵的借鉴。

Founded in 1980, Museum of Chinese in America has preserved the history and culture of American Communities of Chinese descent from over 200 years in a factual manner. Over the four decades of its birth, MOCA has gained a national body of visitors and members by shining a spotlight at politically conscious issues of this immigrant community. 

美国华人博物馆成立于1980年,实事求是地保存了美国华人社区200多年的历史和文化。 在其诞生的四十年中,MOCA 通过聚焦这个移民社区的政治意识问题,吸引了来自全国各地的参观者和会员。