Apotheke Windischgarsten

Beneficiaries 受益者

The planned activities and outputs of the project will produce a long-lasting impact that will directly benefit three main groups:

  1. Chinese diaspora museums and communities: The project will provide grassroot cultural institutes with resources and opportunities to collaborate with universities and peer museums, and enhance their curating practices. This will promote cultural diversity and equality, and empower members of diasporic Chinese communities to construct a more confident cultural identity.
  2. Audiences of diaspora Chinese museums: The project’s collaborative curating and outreach activities will contribute to the development of a more inclusive society that benefits the long-term well-being of diasporic Chinese communities in the host countries.
  3. Museum scholars and policymakers: The project will enable researchers and policymakers to explore the issue of cultural heritage from a transnational perspective, develop cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, and inform the making of cultural policies in relation to migration.



  1. 华侨华人博物馆和社区:该项目将为离散华人基层文化机构提供与大学和同行博物馆合作的资源和机会,并加强他们的策展实践。 这将促进文化多样性和平等,并使离散华人社区的成员能够建立更自信的文化认同。
  2. 华侨华人博物馆的观众:该项目所推动的协作策展和社会参与活动将有助于建设一个更具包容性的社会,有利于离散华人社区的长期发展和福祉。
  3. 博物馆学者和政策制定者:该项目旨在促进研究人员和政策制定者从跨国视角探索文化遗产问题,开展前沿的跨学科研究,并为移民相关文化政策的制定提供建议。