Southeast Asia 东南亚

Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum


Located in Malacca, the Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum takes its visitors on a journey into late 19th-century and early 20th-century Malaya. Still managed by the Chen family since its opening as a museum in 1985, it honours the Peranakan spirit, keeping it alive for many generations to come.


峇峇和娘惹博物馆位于马六甲。 现有的博物馆于1861年时是由曾家所拥有。自1985 年作为博物馆开放以来,它带领游客踏上 19 世纪末和 20 世纪初马来亚的旅程,并弘扬了土生华人的精神,使它世代相传。

Housing the Kaisa-Angelo King Heritage Center, Chinese-Filipino House is a museum located in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. It documents the history and contributions of ethnic Chinese in the Philippines’ history and life. The building is known as The Bahay Tsinoy and is well-curated. 

菲华历史博物馆 是 Kaisa-Angelo King Heritage Centre 的所在地,是一座位于菲律宾马尼拉 Intramuros 的博物馆。 它记录了华人在菲律宾的生活和历史贡献。

Located at Jakarta, the Indonesian Hakka Museum provides an insight into an integral part of the Indonesian Chinese heritage. Modelled after one of the indigenous Tulou known as the ‘Zheng Cheng Lou’, it displays the culture and traditions of Indonesian Chinese, followed by the history of Indonesian Hakka.

印尼客家博物馆位于雅加达市,其建筑以福建土楼 “振成楼”为蓝本而建成。博物馆让您深入了解印尼华人的文化和传统,以及印尼客家人的历史和文化。

The Peranakan Museum


The Peranakan Museum is one of its kind in exploring the Peranakan culture in Singapore as well as its residing communities all over Southeast Asia. With an extended artefact collection, it welcomes a huge number of visitors annually. Consisting of three levels, it houses numerous galleries for tourists to delve into and explore. 

土生华人博物馆是探索新加坡以及散布在东南亚各地土的生华人文化的博物馆之一。 凭借丰富的手工艺品收藏,它每年都会迎来大量的游客。 它由三层组成,设有众多画廊供游客深入探索。