Nominations for the second annual Active Travel Media Awards are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations. Our panel of judges is busy working on a shortlist, and we will announce winners in each category at the virtual ATA Media Awards on 26 November.


The Active Travel Media Awards are a celebration of excellence in journalism and broadcasting on active travel related topics (e.g. walking & cycling) for everyday journeys. 

We are looking to recognise coverage that is fair and responsible, contributing to public understanding of road safety and active transport in the UK – from reporting of collisions and road danger, to policies and interventions related to active travel, to coverage of research. The awards are co-ordinated by the Active Travel Academy, Westminster University, in collaboration with specialists in active travel, law, and media.

This year there are nine award categories, across print and online journalism, news and features, audio and video and, new this year, a category recognising bloggers in the field.  Members of the public, journalists and authors, and their colleagues, can nominate exemplary work in the field, published since 1 October 2019. Nominees can be UK-based individuals, those working for UK-based media outlets, or pieces covering the UK from abroad.

The Awards were founded in 2019 to recognise excellence in media reporting, work that steers away from sensationalism and easy outrage towards a nuanced picture of the transport challenges concerning all of us, particularly the most vulnerable on our roads.

This year those challenges have come into stark relief, during a global pandemic. As well as affecting how we move around, COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated existing transport inequalities – but it has inspired a radical global shift towards active travel.

Active travel has arguably never been more important, becoming integral to many people’s lives, sometimes for the first time. As always, healthy and mature public debate about that shift, and about vulnerable road users and road safety, is vital.

The closing date for nominations is midnight on 4th October. Nomination forms can be found here  – ATA Media Awards Nomination Form – filled in and sent to, with the subject line ‘Media Awards’

Nominations will be considered, shortlisted, and judged by our expert panel. Winners will then be announced at a live, virtual event on 26 November at 6pm.


  1. News (written word): written news report, published in print or online
  2. News (broadcast): news report broadcast on TV, radio, podcast or online
  3. Features (written): written feature story published in print or online
  4. Features (broadcast): TV, film, radio, podcast entries, up to 120 minutes long
  5. Local media: print, online or broadcast entries from local media outlets
  6. Campaign or long-term follow-up story by a news outlet or journalist
  7. Investigative journalism: a deep investigation or piece of journalistic research into a topic
  8. Student journalist: entries must have been published or broadcast (including on student journals / student websites)
  9. Blog: written in print or online

The Active Travel Academy is part of the University of Westminster. Founded by Dr Rachel Aldred in Autumn 2019 it seeks to bring together thinking and research around active travel, and bring forward a healthy debate around our public spaces, and how we use them.

You can see a video of last year’s event here

Active Travel Media Awards (subtitles) from Active Travel Academy on Vimeo.

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