The Active Travel Academy is pleased to announce a new evening course available on a stand-alone basis.  Modifying Transport Behaviour – theory, practice and politics will be a timely contribution to our understanding of an essential transport subject.

We know that our current travel habits have very significant downsides in terms of road safety, greenhouse gas emissions, air quality etc.  We also know that these habits have on the whole proved very difficult to change.  But the pandemic has shown how adaptable people actually are.  Meanwhile, those engaged in influencing behaviour have been getting ever more sophisticated in their methods, though this sophistication is not yet tending to be seen in the transport sector.

As the name of the course indicates, we’ll look critically at the theory of behaviour and behaviour change and the evidence that supports it.  We’ll survey recent and current practice, seeking to identify the state of the art.  And we’ll cover the politics of modifying transport behaviour: who is trying to change whose behaviour with what justification, and what does that mean for the way it is done?

Details: Modifying Transport Behaviour will run on Wednesday evenings from 17:30 to 20:30 (UK time) for 12 sessions beginning 20th January 2021. It will be delivered on-line, with sessions led by Dr Tom Cohen.

If you successfully complete the coursework, you will gain a Masters’ level qualification, with 20 credits at Level 7.

We expect the course to be costed as a standard 20 credit module: £850 for UK/EU students (see


Please register your interest in this course by sending us a short email as per below, so we can contact you when it becomes possible to apply (we won’t use your information for any other purposes unless we have permission to do so). Note that if you are a current Westminster Transport Planning student, there is no need to register your interest here – you can choose the course as one of your option modules.

Email us here or copy and paste into your email client.


  • Good afternoon, please can you clarify the entry requirements for this course please?

    Having discussed the course briefly with my line manager they are keen for me to obtain further details from yourselves.

    Within Cormac, i’m currently employed as an Active Travel Infrastructure Design Technician.

    Kind regards

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